We are open daily from 10am to 10pm

The trampoline centre Skypark offers a fun time for everyone. We have a unique trampoline court you can´t find anywhere else in Europe, a big and exciting play area for children, fabulous rooms for celebrating birthdays, many interesting games, cafe with wireless internet option and a friendly atmosphere. Check out what we offer, price list, house rules and come visit the centre!!!       

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E. 31. juuliT. 1. aug K. 2. aug N. 3. aug R. 4. aug L. 5. aug P. 6. aug
E. 7. aug T. 8. aug K. 9. aug N. 10. aug R. 11. aug L. 12. aug P. 13. aug
E. 14. aug T. 15. aug K. 16. aug N. 17. aug R. 18. aug L. 19. aug P. 20. aug
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